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Property Checking

Bitterroot Cabins is pleased to provide property owners a comprehensive vacation rental propertymanagement service. Effective vacation rental management demands a focused marketing and management plan, and a commitment to details and schedules inorder to earn repeat business and meet the needs of today's demanding travelers.

We are proud to provide the finest vacation rental property management Hamilton Montana has to offer. We focus on a small number of quality properties and market them to guests who are willing to pay accordinglyfor first rate amenities and service.

We utilize a state of the art website and provide tools for you to monitoroccupancy and bookings, and allow you to block out dates and generate reports and information about your property. We concentrate on Internet marketing as we know that's where most visitors find accommodations and book travel these days. As a Bitterroot Cabins property owner, you will receive a detailed management and marketing plan for your property and ongoing communication from your manager.

If you currently have your Bitterroot Valley vacation property for rent,hereare a few questions for you to consider:
  • Has your current vacation property management companyhistorically met your income goals?
  • Is their focus on marketing and managing vacation homes for rent, or are they also managing long term rentals or a realty business?
  • Is your current Internet exposure and online marketing plan successfully reaching the growing number of Internet bookings in the industry?
  • Do current housekeeping, maintenance and service standards match yours?
  • How are communications with the manager? Are you getting the information you need to make good decisions?
Whether you have an existing property and management relationship, have been managing your property yourself, or are considering the purchase of a recreational property, Bitterroot Cabins is committed to a partnership with you to accomplish 3 simple goals; to increase revenue, decrease expenses, and mitigate risk to you, us, and our guests. Contact us today and we'll be happy to meet with you and share ideas of how we may work together to achieve these goals.

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